The Family Stevens

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The Stevens family has a lawmaker legacy in Alaska; Senator Ted Stevens (R) is the longest serving Republican in the U.S. Senate and his son Ben served as the president of the Alaska State Senate. Their legacy may be in for a bit of tarnishing however, as a wide-ranging corruption investigation touches them both.

Ben Stevens is under investigation for taking over $200,000 from Veco, an Alaska-based oil field service corporation, for consulting with the corporation and lobbying his colleagues in the Senate on Veco's behalf. Now the senior Stevens' ties to Veco are being looked at by the corruption investigators.

Several years back Sen. Stevens had extensive remodeling work done on his home in Girdwood, Alaska apparently undertaken by Veco despite their derth of experience in that line of work and apparently undervalued when reported. Though they haven't turned the klieg lights on Stevens at this time, it will be worth watching how this develops, as this investigation has already netted four state lawmakers and lobbyist and frames the environment in which recent Clean Elections legislation has been introduced.