What Is McConnell Hiding?

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Well, we've tried asking nicely but it hasn't worked so far so today, together with the Sunlight Foundation who have led this from the very beginning, we are taking things up a notch in our effort to get Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to reveal who is holding up a bill that would require Senators to file their campaign finance reports electronically.

Despite broad bipartisan support the bill in question, S. 223, has yet to pass because a Republican Senator has placed an anonymous hold on it, and Sen. McConnell as the Senate's Republican leader, alone knows who has placed the hold. We think he needs to let us know who's placed the hold and decided to stand in the way of voters knowing who gives big to campaigns. In conjuction with the new website the Sunlight Foundation built, WhatIsMcConnellHiding.com, Sunlight has installed a billboard in Louisville to draw attention to the issue, which the Louisville Courier Journal covers.

Take a look at the website for ways to get involved -- there's a contest opportunity that could win you $500 for getting McConnell on video answering or refusing to answer a question about the hold! We need answers from McConnell; let's get to work!