What's In His Wallet?

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Will John McCain's campaign be the next to feel the fatal squeeze of the dollar chase? As he sheds campaign staff and re-considers opting into the public financing program nearly all the candidates have turned down, McCain is an object lesson in how lopsided our elections have become in favoring the best check-collectors: the viability of his campaign is being judged on the money, not the merits.

Perhaps nowhere is this more clear than in the tone of derision in which articles are describing McCain's consideration of going with public financing. Dana Milbank at the Washington Post likens McCain's consideration of opting in to the system to taking "food stamps" -- huh? There's a real opportunity here to talk about the great telemarketing war that dominates the election of our nation's leader and instead we get a long look down the nose at a program designed to make our government less corrupt and our elections more fair.