He Was Against It Before He Was For It

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Sen. Mitch McConnell(R-KY) is so opposed to ethics and lobbying reform he supports it.  It's so right it's wrong. As the Birmingham News explains, the House and Senate have both passed versions of a lobbying and ethics overhaul package that needs to go to conference committee before it can be passed by Congress as a whole.  McConnell was strongly opposed to this legislation when it was proposed and now that it's close to passing he's suddenly Mr. Watchdog, leaning hard on guaranteeing ever tougher provisions in the law to delay the convening of a conference committee.  He's backing Sen. DeMint's efforts to secure a guarantee on earmark disclosure before he'll let it go to conference committee.  Earmark disclosure is surely a good thing (and something that will likely pass anyway) but by allowing DeMint to demand this guarantee McConnell's opened the floodgates to other Senators to make their demands,  Pretty sneaky, but something we've grown used to with McConnell who has deployed obstructionist tactics on this bill before, and on a bill to require electronic disclosure of Senate campaign finance reports.