So that's why he kept them a secret

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Yesterday, the Washington Post cleared up a little bit of the confusion of who served on Vice President Cheney's Energy Task Force back in the beginning of the administration. He wouldn't tell and the Supreme Court agreed that he could keep the names a secret. It was long rumored that the Task Force consisted of energy industry executives and lobbyists with very little input from environmental groups.


Well, the rumors were true. And, I did a little digging over at the Center for Responsive Politics on the eight companies and trade associations the article mentions. President Bush received at least $149,000 from the listed organizations for his presidential bid. In fact, the oil and gas industry gave $1,889,206 to his 2000 bid. These groups continued in 2004, giving over $120,000. That's just a small portion of the whopping $2,596,725 that the oil and gas industry contributed to Bush's campaign in 2004.


For years, the administration has hedged on energy legislation and balked at the scientific consensus on global warming. It's understandable when the industry affected is giving you lots of money.