Scandal's Northern Exposure

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That's it, I want the FBI to raid MY home. All the cool kids are having the contents of their desks carried out in evidence bags, and I want in on the fun. Sen. Ted Stevens' Girdwood, Alaska home was picked over by federal investigators yesterday for documents related to the Senator's dealing with Veco, the oil services company tied to a scheme to bribe Alaskan legislators.

Veco helped in a major renovation of Stevens' home several years back and eyebrows have been raised at the low costs of the renovations compared to their assessed market value. The investigation of Veco has impacted a number of state legislators, included Ben Stevens, Ted Stevens' son and former Alaska State Senate President. Alaska Representative, Don Young, is also caught up in the probe.

Meanwhile, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was recently forced to sell off a piece of land in Alaska after watchdog scrutiny of the sale price suggested the lawmaker paid well below market value.


All this prompts Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to cast an eye northward and wonder, just how many corruption scandals are brewing in Alaska?