Today's Scandal Box Scores

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It's tough being a sitting member of Congress under investigation. Nobody donates to your legal defense fund and The Politico makes Incredible Hulk jokes at your expense.

Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) is tuning up for a chorus of "Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, But Not As Much as I Hate Abramoff Right Now" as he watches his fundraising falter (for both his campaign and his legal defense fund) while his likely Democratic opponent's surges. Bruised in the 2006 elections by questions over his and his wife's dealings with Jack Abramoff, an indictment may soon be on the horizon for Doolittle.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Stevens can now count a questionable earmark to a fishery whose proprietor had donated handsomely to Stevens among his ethical woes (part of a larger federal grant administered in part by Stevens' son, Ben, who also collected consulting fees from the benefitting companies -- see TPMMuckraker). It's been a busy week for the longest-serving Republican in the Senate: corruption investigation is heating up, his home was raided by the FBI, and he's opposing ethics legislation. No wonder he's literally fleeing on foot when reporters ask him what's going on.

Sen. Stevens had better dust off that Incredible Hulk tie he's fond of wearing to, as Politico describes it "intimidate political foes." He's gonna' need it.