Face Time and Fundraisers

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Congress is in recess for August and members have headed home. While that may mean fewer Martinis & Moneyclips fundraisers at DC watering holes, it's now time for a slate of in-district fundraising events. And Alaskan legislators -- tainted as they may be by allegations that money swayed their votes and priorities -- aren't going to miss out on the fun. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) and Rep. Don Young (R-AK) are out there catching fish, burning pigs, and offering time for money.

Undeterred by oinking protesters at his recent pig roast fundraiser, scandal-scarred Young is moving on to dodge questions and dish up baked salmon to passers-by. Protesters will be on hand. Perhaps to suggest that Young is "spawning" corruption? Ha?

UPDATE: They came, they protested, they took pictures.


Meanwhile, Ted Stevens just got back from a fishing trip with his closest lobbyist friends, who gave $2,300 each for the privilege of trekking to the exclusive El Capitan Lodge to spend quality time with Stevens and enjoy a little salt water fishing while vomiting off the side of the boat with 20 or so other lobbyists.

My invitations to fishing weekends are few and far between, but this is the month to get out to events hosted by your representatives and ask them questions about cleaning up corruption in Washington, and pushing for Fair and Clean Elections. A few too many exclusive trips with lobbyists and a lawmaker's perspective about the concerns of his or her constituents can get skewed so take every opportunity to remind them that it's time to cut the cord between lobbyist money and Congress, and make voters the focus again.