Connecticut's Implementation

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Connecticut's Journal-Inquirer looks at the work ahead for Connecticut's State Elections Enforcement Commission as they move towards to the first cycle of state elections under the new full public financing system. As the legislators who passed the law prepare to run using the system, the Commission must clarify any ambiguities in the qualifying procedure and note any inconsistencies that need to be addressed before the next cycle of elections.

Passing a law through the legislature is really only the beginning of creating a vibrant Clean Elections program in a state and now Connecticut will join the states that went before in keeping a close eye on the law, addressing any problems that arise, and educating candidates and voters alike about the Clean Elections process, benefits etc. Maine and Arizona, where Clean Elections were first implemented and where participation rates in the program continue to rise, have taken steps through the years to modify and improve their Clean Elections programs.

Connecticut made history when its legislature passed a full public financing law that applied to its own races, so they have a personal stake in seeing that the law is as strong as it can be.