Corruption Arrests in New Jersey

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Eleven New Jersey officials were arrested today in connection with a sprawling bribery investigation of roofing and insurance contracts. Several councilmen, mayors, Assemblymembers, and school board members are implicated in the the investigation.

Here, courtesy of is a list of those officials charged with accepting bribes in exchange for exerting influence over public contracts, and how much each is alleged to have received:

James Pressley - $32,000
Jayson Adams - $25,000
Marcellus Jackson - $16,500
Rafael Velez - $14,000
Rev. Alfred E. Steele - $14,000
Maurice "Pete" Calloway - $13,000
Jonathon Soto - $12,500
Keith Reid - $10,000
Mims Hackett, Jr. - $5,000
Samuel Rivera - $5,000
James McCormick- $3,500

Perhaps this will serve to further invigorate in-state efforts to stamp out pay-to-play politics and corruption in the contracting process, a central strategy being the Clean Elections pilot program which 15 candidates in three pilot districts have already qualified for. That New Jersey has problems with corruption is for certain, but they also have the means to dig out from under that corruption and should advance the already promising Clean Elections program to ward off future incidents like this one.