When the lobby-ee becomes the lobby-er

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CongressDailyPM reported the following today:


White House. President Bush's deputy assistant for legislative affairs, Sean O'Hollaren, is returning to Honeywell as its chief Washington lobbyist. O'Hollaren was the technology and manufacturing company's senior director of government relations before joining the administration in 2001, first as an assistant secretary of transportation and then as the White House's chief liaison to the Senate. He worked as a Washington lobbyist for Union Pacific Corp. and an aide to former Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore.


In an unsurprising "twist," Honeywell executives are Bush donors and Honeywell has received billions in government contracts. Honeywell employees contributed at least $26,000 to both Bush's presidential campaigns, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Additionally, Honeywell has received well over $13 billion in federal contracts since 2000--almost half of them being no-bid contracts.


This isn't the first time this kind of thing has gone on over on Pennsylvania Avenue. Remember Alphonso Jackson? He was a Bush appointee that boasted about giving contracts based on political affiliation.


This is just another example of Washington's revolving door. One day you're being lobbied and the next you're doing the lobbying.