Maybe the F is Silent

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Continuing on their quest to make elections about money instead of voters, the Center for Competitive Politics has a letter published in DC newspaper, The Hill, this morning about the need for higher limits on campaign contributions.


In the letter, Mike Schrimpf states, "increasing contribution limits, or eliminating them entirely, would greatly diminish the need for bundlers."


Absolutely. Why call 50 people to give you $2,000 each, when you can just call one to give you $100,000? It seems Schrimpf believes that a bundler who wrangles scads of money for a candidate is completely different than a candidate who gives an equal amount of their own money.


Schrimpf also doesn't mention that the reliance on bundlers is also caused by the skyrocketing costs of political campaigns--not the "onerous" limits on campaign contributions.


When it comes down to it, when the bundler or major donor comes calling, they'll get their calls returned. But that constituent who didn't give any money? What kind of response are they going to get? Two guesses. No, one guess.