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Will public outrage over the bribery of public officials in Alaska result in an overhaul in oil and gas industry policy in the state? The Christian Science Monitor suggests that the relationship between the state and its dominant industry may get strained in the course of addressing the corruption inquiries that have already sent several Alaska lawmakers to jail.

The FBI investigation into oil-services company VECO's successful scheme to bribe lawmakers for favorable legislation has already sent two state legislators to jail, cast suspicion on several more, and ensnared Alaska's Senators and Representative. Public trust in the industry is running low and with Governor Sarah Palin taking an aggressive stance against further incidences of corruption a serious battle is brewing between the oil industry, with money on its side, and a public increasingly concerned that their legislature does not have their best interests in mind.

One thing is for sure; this energy for change can only propel the campaign to win Clean Elections for Alaska.