Transparency Isn't Enough

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The Denver Post is concerned about groups and individuals finding sneakier ways to circumvent the spirit of campaign finance regulations. Not sold on the Clean Elections solution to money's pervasive influence on politics, the Post advocates better transparency about where the money funding the ads, mailings, calls, and events is coming from.

Colorado's increasing visibility on the national political landscape means people in the state are in the eye of the election storm:

With 2008 expected to be a hot political year, it's looking like the first loser will be the voter, who will be forced to sift through nasty-grams and attack ads with no way of knowing who's behind the nonsense. There has to be a better way to finance elections in the 21st century.

[. . .]

In this high-tech world, we should demand instant disclosure from candidates and campaign committees. Within 72 hours of receiving a donation, it should be posted electronically for discerning voters to scrutinize.

They seem to think Clean Elections laws aren't enough to deter people dedicated to getting around the law, but the tranparency in reporting donations that they advocate won't solve the essential problem that money from a few disproportionately effects elections that should be decided by the many. However well that money is disclosed it won't help to change the focus of candidates from the concerns of big donors to the concerns of most voters.