What's Next for Iowa

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Presidential candidates are hatching all kinds of schemes to get their supporters to the Iowa caucuses tonight, including apparently mobilizing snow plows to help stranded would-be-voters. No doubt several Iowans would rather the candidates help them dig out from the campaign advertising under which which the state has been blanketed thanks to record fundraising and record spending.

Candidates and various outside groups have inundated Iowa voters with ads, mailers, and other campaign paraphernalia in a spending binge that has served to cast further aspersion on the prospects of publicly financed candidates.

I can't help but wonder if, having peeled themselves off the floor after the final stampede of TV ads, Iowans will have heightened interest in a re-introduced Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) Act (which came quite close to passing in the state legislature last year) that would curtail this kind of big money shoot-out for their state legislative elections, and put the focus back on candidate-voter contact.