Change for Congress

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Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at Stanford who has spent much of his career focused on copyright law is taking up the cause of cleaning up Congress. His new project, will track the positions of congressional candidates in this year's elections on a number of reform proposals and allow people to direct donations to candidates based on their support for these proposals.

Lessig has previously mulled running for Congress himself and became quickly familiar with the punishing fundraising schedule such run entails. That could only strengthen his belief that public financing of congressional campaigns is worth working towards:

“There have been a lot of great experiments [with public financing] at the state level,” Lessig said, pointing to programs in Arizona and Maine. “What we need to see is more of that experimentation, probably starting at the Senate to see exactly how it should be structured.”

With the Fair Elections Now Act introduced in the Senate, we've got the structure to work from -- if more candidates, like those that have spoken with Lessig, speak out about the ridiculous fundraising requirements of today's campaigns we'll build the momentum we need to pass it.