Signed, Sealed

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Seems Republican lobbyists are closing ranks around Sen. John McCain, hosting an exclusive, high-dollar fundraiser (full article only available to Roll Call subscribers) for him in Washington, DC tomorrow night -- the venue is the Willard Hotel which is a block from the White House and which, rumor has it, was the birthplace of the term "lobbyist." Got your $2,300 ready?

It looks like the event will draw in new support, as well as highlight McCain's longtime lobbyist pals:

Many of the 40 lobbyists who are serving as co-chairs for the Tuesday event, which is expected to be his only Washington-area fundraiser until the annual RNC gala in May, have been with McCain since the beginning. For instance, Charlie Black and his wife, Judy; former McCain aide Rob Chamberlin, now at McBee Strategic Consulting; Juleanna Glover of the Ashcroft Group; Arizona-based lobbyist Robbie Aiken and telecom lobbyists Walter McCormick and Tim McKone all have signed on to bring at least $10,000 in contributions for the event. Keith Nahigian and his brother Ken, both of Nahigian Strategies, have been traveling with McCain and also have signed on as co-chairs.

McCain, who has denounced influence-peddling and big money, has seen a surge of support recently from Republican lobbyists. While many took time off after candidates they backed dropped out, they now are trying to gain traction within the McCain operation.

Think this might be a good time to deliver that letter we wrote McCain, asking him to take a stand against special interest money and back full public financing for all federal elections? Click here to sign the letter before we deliver it.