Drop Something, Gov. Paterson?

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Hey, we know it's hectic when you start a new job but it seems that in all the chaos of assuming office following Eliot Spitzer's rather hasty departure New York Governor David Paterson forgot his reform agenda. The New York Times reminds him what it looked like.

We've seen some rather mixed messages from the Governor. He supports Clean Elections, but seems reluctant to put his weight behind any significant legislation to alter business as usual in Albany:


New York has one of the worst systems in the country when it comes to letting special interests buy candidates with campaign contributions. That commission and genuine campaign finance reform offer the best chance for cleaning up the system. Instead, Mr. Paterson is supporting a very modest reform package that would limit some contributions and require better reporting of campaign funds. It lacks any real enforcement and even increases the amount of contributions allowed in some cases. Only Albany could act like that’s real reform.

As a 20-year veteran, Mr. Paterson knows Albany’s every secret, every scam. Now that he is in charge, he should start cleaning up the scandals that so appalled him before he became governor.