Here We Go Again

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Gear up for Big Oil vs. The Earth: Part 8 Bajillion. Congress is getting ready to push new, bipartisan legislation requiring new caps on industrial emissions, but President Bush and Big Oil, drawing the cloak of "economic hardship" firmly about themselves, are vowing to kill the bill. When facing a choice between corporate profits and...the earth and all its inhabitants, it's good to know our leaders have their priorities straight.

The thing of it is, it's not even that aggressive a bill and still its opponents are hauling out their violins for a few bars of "it's bad for the economy."

Also bad for the economy? Climate change that creates catastrophic hurricanes, cyclones, and floods, destroys cities and the wilderness alike, and bankrupts the vast natural wealth of the planet in favor of prolonging the economic well-being of an industry based on a finite and rapidly dwindling natural resource. Hey, maybe when they're done writing checks to campaigns, the executive at Chevron and BP would like to club together and buy us a new planet?