Block It Any Way You Can

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Wait, is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) combating legislation to create new carbon emission standards because it'll hurt oil company profits, or is he fighting the bill as a political maneuver to get revenge for Democrats holding up judicial nominations? When fighting legislation to make corporate interests happy, it's so hard to keep those flimsy excuses straight.

A group of Republicans, led by McConnell, has engaged in series of delay tactics to kill the bill that seeks to cut industrial emissions by 71% by 2050. Despite the urgent need to move forward on legislation like this in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence of harmful climate change, McConnell (and the over half a million dollars*he's taken from the oil and gas industry in his career) has decided it's more important to play "gotcha!" with Democratic leadership. So wacky, that Senator McConnell with his bag of parliamentary tricks. Oh, the nostalgia I'll feel chuckling at their memory as I paddle a canoe through Arctic melt to the grocery store in fifty years.

But really, McConnell's not all bad. After he forced clerks to read the entire text of the bill out loud on the floor of the Senate as a delay tactic (which took eight hours, a handful of clerks, and who knows how many throat lozenges) he decided he'd be a stand-up guy. So he sent the clerks gift baskets. Let's hope the clerks recycle.


*Data courtesy of the Center for Responsive Politics