Making a List, Checking it Twice

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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) values his reputation as a reformer and Sen. Barack Obama (D) has boasted about the transparency of his campaign but the New York Times is a little disappointed in both of their efforts on the donor/bundler disclosure front. After a nudge from the paper the Obama campaign updated its publicly available list of bundlers but should they need hounding from the press?

One of the bundlers for the Obama campaign, Mitchell Berger makes the point that in the middle of a feverish campaign environment it's probably just not priority number one for the people on the fundraising and finance end of things. I'd say if you're going to make a big deal about your disclosure, you should stick with it but to come back to Berger's point I think it's yet another reminder of just how time consuming the fundraising end of a campaign is. When you're trying to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars there aren't a lot of extra hours in the day.