McCain's Georgia problem (no, not that Georgia)

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As Katie reported earlier in the week, Sen. John McCain will be attending a fundraiser in his honor hosted by conservative golden boy Ralph Reed. Ralph Reed, if you remember, was an integral part of the Jack Abramoff scandal, receiving $5.3 million in consulting fees to do his bidding.  So, why would "reformer" Sen. John McCain, who once investigated Reed and his work as chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, rely on Reed to raise campaign cash? Well, as David Donnelly writes in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today, "McCain has lost his way." Here's more:Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: McCain’s ambition to be president has overwhelmed his desire to fight for campaign finance reform. While his willingness to accept Reed’s help may be the most shocking rejection of the “reformer” label, it isn’t the first. When McCain began gearing up for his 2008 White House bid, his name disappeared from a bill he once authored that would have fixed the presidential public financing system. After deriding lobbyists for years, he assembled a team of paid staff, advisers and fund-raisers that reads like a who’s who of special-interest lobbyists he once criticized. The list goes on. When you need money to win an election, I guess you have to do whatever it takes.