Shays, Himes Discuss Clean Elections

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Rep. Chris Shays (R-Conn.) faces a tough battle this cycle against Democratic challenger Jim Himes. In their fifth debate of the cycle, Shays and Himes were asked whether they support public financing of elections. Having already raised a combined $6 million for the race, the two men know a thing or two about raising campaign cash. Here's what the Connecticut Post reported:During that rare light moment, they agreed that public financing needs to be adopted for congressional campaigns to prevent the proliferation of lobbyists, political action committees and special interests who this year are making Connecticut's tight 4th District race one of the most-expensive in the country.  Himes already made his support of Clean Elections public when he signed the Voters First Pledge. Shays has been a champion of certain campaign reforms during his tenure in Congress, championing the House companion bill to McCain-Feingold.  Here's video of the back and forth: