Lobbying for a job

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With President-Elect Obama's strict rules for his transition team and administration staff, many Washington lobbyists are having a hard time figuring out how they'll make it into the administration. According to Roll Call, "Ever the creative lot, lobbyists facing tough restrictions on entering the Obama administration are eyeing inventive routes to getting on the inside — despite their K Street taint."


Lobbyists are considering a few different options:

  • De-registering as a lobbyists and becoming "consultants."
  • Leaving their lobbying firms and moving over to Capitol Hill for a year or so to meet the requirement of not being a registered lobbyist for one year before entering the administration.

Though, this is a lot of work and "would take too much time and too much potential money for most lobbyists to consider." While working in the administration would have its perks, the hefty bonuses and salaries at lobby shops are probably higher.