"Hidden Bundles" of Lobbyist Cash Influencing Health Care Debate

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The Sunlight Foundation and the Center for Responsive Politics have teamed up on a study that shows “contribution clusters” from outside lobbyists and their health care industry clients to key members of Congress.


"We found that Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee and author of the main health care reform bill now being debated in the Senate, was one of the biggest beneficiaries of this one-two punch from lobbyists and the interests they represent. Between January 2007 and July 2009 (the period we studied), Baucus collected contributions from 37 outside lobbyists representing PhRMA, the pharmaceutical industry’s chief trade association, and from 36 lobbyists who listed drug maker Amgen Inc. among their clients. In all, 11 major health and insurance firms had their contributions to Baucus boosted through extra donations from 10 or more of their outside lobbyists."


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