NEW PCAF REPORT: Wall Street Money or Tea Party Energy?

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Public Campaign Action Fund released a report today detailing the campaign contributions winning Tea Party candidates received from Wall Street interests in the 2010 election cycle. These 52 candidates, identified by ABC News as “Tea Party Winners, received at least $11.1 million from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector in the 2010 cycle. 

From the report: "Although the Tea Party is best known as a grassroots movement that successfully propelled at least 52 candidates across the finish line, the fact that those candidates were also reliant on Wall Street money to fund their advertising campaigns suggests that the winning candidates now have two distinct, and conflicting, constituencies: the people that elected them, and the special interests that funded their campaigns. On many issues, including holding the banks accountable, this internal conflict may come back to haunt the grassroots members of the Tea Party movement."

These candidates were elected to "change" Washington, D.C. and now have an important question to answer: do they side with the same old Beltway power brokers who funded their campaigns, or do they side with the people who elected them to office?

Read the full report here.