A Return On Their Investment?

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The Washington Post has a story today on how corporate donations to the new Republican leaders in he House has soared since last November's elections. The surge in corporate campaign dollars comes as the new leadership is working to repeal or scale back legislation that Wall Street and Health Care interests fought hard against in the last Congress.

"They have to decide whether they are representing their constituents or the Wall Street donors who expect a return on their investment," said David Donnelly of Public Campaign Action Fund.

Efforts by the new House leadership to repeal health care and strip down Wall Street regulations passed in the last Congress are in full swing (Health Care was repealed in the House last week), and it's no surprise that the very same interests that fought against the reforms inititally and spent huge sums electing the current Congress are upping the ante even further. Until we change the system that allows for such great influence by big money interests, this cycle will continue to erode confidence in Congress and undermine the will of voters, who want a Congress accountable to them, not big money donors.

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