"Gov. Walker, I Have Another Billionaire Campaign Contributor on Line 1"

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Public Campaign Action Fund's National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, had a piece in Huffington Post yesterday asking the question: After talking shop with a man he thought to be billionaire Republican donor David Koch last week, who else would get through to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

He won't talk to the people who are opposing his controversal measure to undo workers rights, but maybe he would carve out some time for some of the other billionaires who helped bankroll his 2010 campaign.

"He'd probably take a call from Diane Hendricks. She's the head of Wisconsin-based ABC Supply Company, and personally worth $2.1 billion, according to Forbes magazine. That ranks her as the third wealthiest person in the state. Perhaps he'd take her call because she donated $10,500 to Walker's 2010 run for governor, and another $10,000 to the Wisconsin Republican Party, according to data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics."

Who else might Gov. Walker pick up the phone for? Find out by reading the full piece by here.