Because It's Never Too Early

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The 2012 presidential election is, for all intents and purposes, already in full swing. And The Atlantic reports today that potential Republican contender, business tycoon Donald Trump, may already be in hot water over alleged campaign finance violations.

From The Atlantic article: "If Trump sends people to Iowa to "test the waters" for his candidacy, he has to abide by campaign-finance restrictions--just as if he were already running. That's if the trip cost more than $2,500, or if the money came from the pharmaceutical company itself, not the individual donor."

Trump has not officially announced that he's running for president, but should he do so, he will certainly have to answer questions about these alleged campaign legal issues. Not the best way to kick off a campaign.

And last week, another candidate, former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, entered the presidential fray. His will not be a traditional campaign, however. For his presidential campaign, Roemer said he won't accept more than $100 per donor and won't take money from political action committees.

"Today I declare my declaration of independence from the money interests. I'm going to cast my lot with people just like me who work for a living, make a payroll, build small businesses," said Roemer.

Is Roemer a longshot? Sure. Is his decision to only accept small donations a breath of fresh air in an electoral environment flooded with campaign cash? Absolutely!

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