2012 Fundraising Arms Race: Dems Seek General

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The Huffington Post has a story on the 2012 campaign fundraising arms race that is well under way, and how the Democratic Party is pursuing someone who can play the role of Karl Rove. Not as a political operative, mind you, but as someone who can raise huge amounts of unregulated money to be spent by outside groups in hopes of matching the right wing machine that flexed its muscles in 2010.

"The Democrats are desperately seeking their own Rove. They were late to recognize the avalanche of unregulated money unleashed by the (Citizens United) Supreme Court ruling in January 2010, letting Rove, former White House adviser Ed Gillespie and other Republican money men write the new script for a Wild West era of campaign finance. All told, the mid-term elections rang up a campaign finance tally just shy of $4 billion, a number likely to be humbled by a 2012 spending spree fueled by a no-holds-barred race for the White House."

The huge spending by outside groups in the 2010 mid term elections, ushered in by Citizens United, brought on a wave of dishonest TV ad's and forced candidates to spend even more time raising money and less time with constituents. It's no surprise, then, that Americans' support for Congress remains at historic lows. No matter who wins an election, the people still feel like elected officials aren't looking out for them, and instead, are returning favors for the people who helped fund their campaign. Until that changes, the cycle will continue and only get more expensive.

Click here for the full Huffington Post piece.

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