A Simple, but Powerful Chart

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One of the most important aspects of Fair Elections-style reform (sometimes referred to as "Clean Elections") is that it allows candidates to spend much more time with the voters in their community. Instead of spending countless hours dialing for dollars or attending high-priced fundraisers, candidates are able to better get to know the people the seek to serve, and when elected, legislate in their interest.

Inspired by the pending McComish v. Bennett Supreme Court case that could eliminate existing Clean Elections programs in the states, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post has a blog post with a simple, but powerful chart that shows the difference in the amount of time spent with voters for candidates who have run using the Clean Elections programs in place in Maine and Arizona.

"It’s almost a full 10 percent (more time spent with voters under Clean Elections programs)."

Poll after poll shows that voters feel like government isn't working for them, and the lack of time that candidates actually spend with them is a major reason why. Elected officials are more accountable to the citizens in their communities when using Fair Elections-style systems because they actually interact with them, instead of constantly raising campaign cash. Klein's chart demonstrates this clearly. Voters prove it every time they "throw the bums out."

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