Round-up of the Media Coverage of Yesterday's Fair Elections Bill Introduction

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Yesterday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), along with Reps. John Larson (D-Conn.) and Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) introduced the Fair Elections Now Act into the 112th Congress. They were joined at the press conference by Alec Baldwin, who supports the legislation. The bill introduction was covered in multiple media outlets.

Here's a rundown of the initial coverage: covered the press conference, quoting Baldwin:

"If cash is speech the person with the most cash speaks the loudest and that's the problem. It winds up giving some people a very unfair advantage," Baldwin said, "Under a Fair Election system, candidates would be able to spend more time listening to the people they want to represent instead of dialing for dollars from special interest groups and jetting off to receptions with millionaires."

USA Today had this piece on the bill introduction:

"Actor Alec Baldwin joined Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. John Larson today in unveiling a new campaign-finance bill aimed at getting candidates for Congress to curb their appetite for special-interest money." ran this story:

"This particular political issue represents a humorous turn for the actor, best known for playing a high-flying network exec on NBC’s “30 Rock” who frequently tangles with Congress in an attempt to curry favor for his fictional network."

Coverage in the Connecticut Mirror, quoting lead House sponsor, Rep. John Larson:

"Especially in the House, the moment you're elected, you spend the rest of your time on the phone dialing for dollars, instead of being in the pursuit of the service of your constituency," Larson said. Lawmakers come to Washington to be in public service, but "they end up in the money chase in order to stay in office, in order to make sure they get their message out."

Even got in on the coverage:

"Alec Baldwin manned the mic during a press conference in Washington, D.C. Wednesday with Representatives Chellie Pingree, John Larson and Senator Dick Durbin to unveil the Fair Elections Now Act, a bill that pushes for campaign finance reform."

Click here for some AP photos of the press event.

The re-introduction of the Fair Elections Now Act into the 112th Congress is an important step toward reducing big money special interest influence in Congress. Members of Congress need to know that the public is behind this proposal. Call and urge your senators and representative to support Fair Elections!

Click here for Public Campaign's press release on the Fair Elections bill introduction.