Budget Deal: Lobbyists score big win

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While much of the attention in the 11th hour budget deal was focused on policy riders dealing with social issues, the New York Times reports that wealthy business interests successfully killed "free-choice vouchers," a key health care law provision that would have allowed some workers to pick their own insurance coverage through employer-financed vouchers.

“This is a textbook case of the special interests prevailing — Exhibit A,” Sen. Wyden said of the demise of his health care voucher plan. “Everyone knows the Business Roundtable wanted this killed, and now they can go back with a trophy to say they protected business as usual.”

"The Roundtable, which spent more than $8.2 million lobbying on a range of health care and financial issues last year, had come out strongly against the idea of letting employees pick their own insurance plans."

The impact that health care and business interests had in the initial health care debate has been well documented, and this just goes to show that they will never let up until they satisfy their bottom line, even if at the expense of the pocketbooks (and health) of hard working Americans.

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