GOP Presidential Candidate, Gov. Buddy Roemer, Nails It

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Yesterday Think Progress's Lee Fang interviewed longshot Republican presidential candidate, former Louisianna Gov. Buddy Roemer, and he had some very poignant things to say about why Washington is broken.

From the interview: "Right now, too often the political debate has become about the money and not about the issues. And those who have the money have a vested interest in the results and you never know who they are...I have full disclosure and I challenge my opponents to do the same."

Roemer isn't just talking the talk either. He is leading by example by accepting a maximum of $100 dollars in disclosed contributions, and will not accept PAC or special interest money. Roemer plans to make a point of calling out lobbyists and special interests as the problem with Washington, D.C. throughout the campaign.

While it's unlikely that Roemer will be able to secure the GOP nomination, his presense in the race and the voice he will give to this issue is a much-needed breathe of fresh air. Public Campaign Action Fund will be closely monitoring where the other candidates stand on this issue going forward.

You can read the transcript and watch video of the interview by clicking here.