Public Campaign's Nick Nyhart and DEMOS' Tova Wang: Attack on Workers Part of Organized Effort to Shift Political Power

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The assault on workers taking place all over the country, most notably in Wisconsin, is still fresh on everyone's mind. And it's likely to stay that way because it is part of a larger plan to increase the power of corporations and wealthy special interests, argues Public Campaign President and CEO, Nick Nyhart, along with DEMOS' Democracy Fellow, Tova Wang in an op-ed picked up by the Sacramento Bee and the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"But it's not just the assault on unions that illustrates this deeply troubling agenda. In fact, there is a well-organized and well-funded national attack on several areas crucial to our democracy including the unprecedented onslaught of bills meant to disenfranchise under-represented communities and the evisceration of campaign finance regulation."

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC made it that much easier for big money interests to influence our elections, and we're seeing the results in statehouses all over the country. But we're also seeing a backlash against the corporate giveaways being passed, and a further galvanizing of people and organizations who want to see the impact of big money lessened, not strengthened. The assault on workers, and the grand plan to shift more power to wealthy elites, as described in the op-ed, has run into serious opposition, often from unlikely allies, and that's what it will take to beat back the big money anti-democratic effort.