Quayle Gets Questions on Insurance, Oil Handouts

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ThinkProgress and a local Fox affiliate report that freshman Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) took some heat last night at a town hall event in his district for both his votes to end Medicare as we know it and to extend taxpayer subsidies for oil companies.

What isn't mentioned is that Quayle's 2010 election bid benefitted from both industries that would be enriched by these votes---insurance and oil companies.

  • Quayle received $22,600 from the PACs and employees of insurance companies in the 2010 cycle, including $1,000 from the BlueCross BlueShield PAC.
  • He also received $42,200 from oil and gas interests, including $5,000 each from both ExxonPAC and Koch Industries PAC.

The data provided here was analyzed by Public Campaign Action Fund using campaign finance information provided by the Center for Responsive Politics.