Sen. Lugar Held Energy Industry Fundraiser Hours Before Oil Subsidies Vote

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On Tuesday morning, Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) was scheduled to host an "energy industry breakfast" fundraiser at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse on Capitol Hill, less than 12 hours before he voted against legislation that would end taxpayer subsidies for oil companies. With a name like that, you can assume what type of lobbyists he grabbed some steak and eggs with this morning.

And the fundraiser comes a little over a month after Lugar voted for an amendment that would've gutted the Clean Air Act.

In his last election in 2006, Lugar raised $41,700 from oil and gas interests, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. During his time in Congress, Lugar has received $171,275 from oil and gas interests. Overall, he has received $500,000 from the energy and natural resources sector.

Lugar faces a tough primary this cycle--he'll need the help.