Sen. Barrasso, when do you have time for constituents?

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On Thursday, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) will hold two fundraisers in Washington, D.C.---one with oil and gas interests and one with health interests.

The Big Oil fundraiser, billed as an "Oil & Gas Industry Breakfast," will happen just two days after Sen. Barrasso voted to block debate on legislation that would have ended taxpayer subsidies to oil companies. Barrasso's campaign committee and leadership PAC have received $221,750 from oil and gas interests during his time in Congress, according to our analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). Sunlight Foundation's PoliticalPartyTime has the invitation.

At noon that day, he'll be back at Johnny's Half Shell for a "Health Industry Lunch," hosted by the two health industry trade associations. During his short career, Barrasso has received $904,247 from the health sector, according to CRP. He has also received $117,914 from insurance interests, including $18,000 from the PAC and employees of BlueCross BlueShield. Here's the invite.

While there may not be a "Wall Street Dinner" that night, it sort of makes you wonder when he fits in his constituents. Midnight snack?