Bipartisan Op-ed in Maine Makes the Case for Keeping Clean Elections Intact

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The landmark citizen-initiated Maine Clean Elections law has come under attack this legislative session. There have been various attempts to undermine, and in some cases repeal the wildly popular program. Those attempts have so far been thwarted, and an op-ed in the Bangor Daily News yesterday by two former Maine lawmakers hammers home the point that the law should remain intact.  

From the op-ed:

"As legislators, it was great to be able to take office in Augusta knowing that our only debt was to the voters who sent us there. We were able to build healthy relationships with the professional advocates in the State House because we knew those relationships would never be complicated by an offer of a campaign contribution."

In the hyper-partisan political world we live in, it's often very hard to find an issue that Democrats and Republicans can agree on. But in Maine, because the Clean Elections law is not only popular with the public at large, but also with politicians themselves, we have that issue. Former Maine State House members, Tina Baker (D), and James Annis (R) provide a concrete argument for keeping the law on the books as is. Let's just hope the current legislature heeds the call.