"Washington is bought and sold"

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When you're a longshot presidential candidate, you are free to say many of the things that others likely think, but wouldn't dare say. Former governor, and current Republican presidential candidate, Buddy Roemer, is a great example of that. Think Progress has video and a transcript of Roemer speaking at a recent GOP convention, where he vowed to stand up to corporate giants who are "corrupting our poltiical system."

From Think Progress:

"But one presidential candidate, former Gov. Buddy Roemer (R-LA), stood out for focusing on the issue that underlies all major political disputes: the undue influence of corporate power."

The undue influence of corporations (and special interests) comes in the form of maxed-out campaign checks and employing scores of lobbyists. The major candidates for president are aware of this problem, but aren't likely to address it, lest they risk taking a fundraising hit. Roemer may stand little chance of winning, but highlighting this issue is a breath of fresh air from an unlikely source.