The Endless Campaign

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Who has time to govern when there's so much fundraising to do for the next election? An op-ed in the Virginia News Leader answers the question correctly: not Congress!

From the op-ed:

"This endless electioneering limits the work of governing, especially at the national level where large amounts of money are needed to campaign effectively, compelling candidates to spend more time fundraising."

It isn't just the amount of time spent fundraising that affects governing (or lack thereof), the neverending fundraising, mostly from wealthy donors and special interests, results in legislation that is too often skewed toward those very interests who are filling campaign coffers, at the expense of ordinary Americans.

The op-ed also notes that the Fair Elections Now Act, currently before Congress, would allow federal candidates to choose to run for office without relying on large contributions from special interests or large donations from lobbyists. This would free them to focus on constituents and their needs, and not craft and pass policy that favors special interests.

The disconnect the public feels from Congress is real, and it isn't getting any better. The Fair Elections Now Act would get lawmakers out of the endless campaign, and back into doing the job they were elected to do--serving their constituents.