TAKE ACTION: Don't Let Fox's Campaign Cash Blind Investigators in Congress

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Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch's British media empire is imploding with the news that his reporters hacked into the cell phones of a missing girl, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and possibly even victims of terrorist attacks. At one point, they deleted the voicemails of the missing girl, misleading investigators to think she was stil alive.

We still don't know whether any of this illegal and unethical behavior targeted Americans. And that's exactly why we need Congress to investigate. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Media Matters for America have both called for House and Senate investigations, but like everything else in Washington, you have to follow the money.

The executives of News Corp., Fox's parent company, have spent nearly $6 million on donations to federal candidates, parties, and political action committees since 2000, and more than $50 million lobbying Congress.

We need to tell Congress that News Corp.'s millions in campaign donations shouldn't stop them from conducting a full investigation into whether any Americans were targets of this shameful and illegal behavior.

We need to know if any Americans were targeted. Congress shoud protect us, not its big donors like News Corp.

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