$86 Million--Staggering

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This makes previous campaign fundraising records seem almost quaint. Politico reports today on President Obama's record-shattering fundraising haul of $86 million. Obama wasn't alone in stockpiling campaign cash ahead of the 2012 election. Roll Call reports today that vulnerable Senate Democrats are also amassing big campaign warchests in anticipation of tough races, and huge outside spending.

From Politico: "The total amount Obama raised in the first three months of 2011 also amounted to more than twice the $35 million raised collectively by the announced field of Republican presidential candidates."

In a post-Citizens United political world, odds are that Obama will need every last penny. Despite far outpacing his potential GOP opponents, with shadowy 3rd party groups able to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money influencing the election (as they did 2010), this promises to be the most expensive campaign on record.