Same Ol' Song and Dance

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Members of Congress love Taylor Swift! Wait, that doesn't seem quite right. Let's try again. Members of Congress love FUNDRAISING at Taylor Swift concerts. Yes, that's it. Public Campaign Action Fund discovered this phenomenon last year, and it looks like even more Members are getting in on the act in 2011.

Tomorrow's Taylor Swift concert will undoubtedly be packed with screaming teens and parents who don't want to be there. But they'll have to share the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. with buttoned-down politicians and their big money backers, who'll be attending the concert to dole out some campaign cash.

Apparently this a popular show for these sorts of things. Here's a list of the members of Congress who'll be holding fundraising events at the concert:

So while the throngs of concert-goers vie for a piece of the Taylor Swift action, these members and their benefactors will vie for another kind of action altogether: a mutually beneficial relationship of ponying up campaign cash in exchange for access. Perhaps these members would be better off spending more time working on creating jobs, instead of raising money to keep theirs.