DEBT DEAL: "Super Congress" Will Make Influencing-peddling That Much Easier

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The "Super Congress" created in the debt ceiling deal to address additional spending cuts or revenues will make it cheaper for Wall Street, tax dodging corporations, and special interest lobbyists to influence the spending cuts and revenue debate in Washington, according to a statement from Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF).

From the PCAF statement: “For the Wall Street firms and corporate CEOs seeking to duck their fair share of sacrifice in shrinking the deficit, making campaign cash rain to influence just 12 members of Congress is cheaper than focusing on all 535. If only the unemployed, waitresses, seniors depending on Medicare, and other everyday Americans were able to shower the new commission with contributions. Maybe then the debate in Washington would reflect the reality of what is happening in America," said Public Campaign Action Fund’s National Campaigns Director David Donnelly.

In addition to a likely huge increase in campaign contributions to the 12 selected members, this committee will also be the target of a "lobbying bonanza," as members hammer out part two of deficit reduction. Now that special interests and their lobbyists can narrow their sphere of influence from 535 lawmakers to only 12, the big money influence machine just got their job made a lot easier.