End Big Oil Taxpayer Subsidies to Reign in Deficit!

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"Cutting Medicare for low and middle-income seniors? On the table. Closing loopholes for profitable, multinational corporations? Not under discussion." Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly and Oil Change International's Steve Kretzmann had an op-ed yesterday in The Hill calling for ending Big Oil taxpayer subsidies as a means to address the national deficit.

From the op-ed: "...Congress needs to get its priorities straight. Ending these wasteful subsidies should come before cutting Medicare or other programs that provide security for middle class families. A lot of people in Washington are talking about “shared sacrifice” to address our deficit. Any sane plan to rein in spending should include ending wasteful subsidies, but to do that, we may find out that we will need to rein in Big Oil’s political influence first."

It's no secret that Big Oil contributes big dollars to members of Congress. And recent history shows that they get what they want. And after yet again posting huge profits last quarter, you would think they those billions in taxpayer subsidies would be on the table when it comes to reducing the deficit. But no. As long as Big Oil can continue to line the campaign pockets of members of Congress they will continue to be able to pad their bottom line. And ordinary Americans lose.

So while Congress takes on the next step in reducing the deficit, wealthy donors and big corporations will likely continue to not pay their fair share. Meanwhile, the rest of us will pay the price with likely cuts and "adjustments" to important social programs. Big money interests and their open checkbooks win again, and we the people lose.