Sen. Toomey will not give up fundraising during supercommittee

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Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) was asked yesterday if he would join Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in giving up fundraising for his own campaign while serving on the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, or “supercommittee.”

“He currently does not have plans to cease fundraising,” his office responded.

Sen. Toomey recently told a bunch of constituents that, “I would say we have an absurd tax code that has so many ridiculous features that are there because special interests have carved them out."

It’s “special interests” that are going to be doing all they can to keep those features “carved” out as part of the supercommittee negotiations and that includes handing over campaign cash to get access and influence with these 12 members.

Sen. Toomey is scheduled to host a fundraiser for his leadership PAC, Citizens for Prosperity in America Today PAC on September 22nd in Washington, D.C. It’s likely that lobbyists whose clients want to keep their “ridiculous features” will be there. It’s unlikely, of course, that senior citizens concerned that Medicare will be cut at the expense of maintaining corporate tax breaks will be in attendance.