Congress' Sugar Daddy

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It seems that Big Oil isn't the only one reaping the benefits of taxpayer subsidies after showering Congress with campaign cash and employing scores of lobbyists on Capitol Hill. The Colorado Independent reports on how Big Sugar has been sweetening the pot for members of Congress for years, and getting what they want in return.

From the Colorado Independent: "...Big Sugar operates differently than most agricultural industries — trading cash in the form of campaign donations for political favors in the form of subsidies. If the companies gain enough legislative support, they can ensure that agricultural legislation is written to their specifications, keeping sugar prices and subsidies high."

Fat kids are good for Big Sugar's business. By using their clout with lawmakers, the sugar industry is not only able to extract taxpayer subsidies in the Farm Bill, but they are also able to weaken or stave off completely regulations that would affect their bottom line, like public school bans on sugary drinks.

We know that big money interests and their huge amount of campaign giving isn't healthy for our democracy. In this case, it's just plain not healthy.