Scott Brown Holding Fundraiser with Wall St. Lobbyists

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Last week, Politico reported that “on the Washington cocktail circuit, banking lobbyists are chattering about how to take” on Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D).

Well, it looks like Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), Warren’s opponent if she wins the Democratic primary, is joining that “cocktail circuit,” according to a story in Politico Influence today. Brown is having a fundraiser October 18th with a handful of lobbyists who represent financial industry clients.

The hosts listed in the article include*:

  • Mary Pat Lawrence, who represents Morgan Stanley, the Mortgage Bankers Association, and Allstate Insurance;
  • Les Brorsen, a lobbyist for accounting giant Ernst & Young;
  • Missy Edwards, who monitors the implementation of Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation for Clark & Weinstock, a firm that represents several financial industry clients including JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs
  • Dave Lugar, who represents bank holding companies Ally Financial and CIT Group; and
  • Rich White, a lobbyist for the Alpine Group, who represents insurance company, Prudential PLC. The Alpine Group also represents the US Commodity Funds, a financial securities firm.

The event is being held at the offices of Diageo, an international beer and liquor company.

During his short time in Congress, Brown has already raised at least $2.6 million from Wall Street interests.

*Lobbying data analyzed by Public Campaign Action Fund using data from the Center for Responsive Politics.