Dylan Ratigan with Occupy Wall Street: "Get the money out."

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On Monday, MSNBC global finance correspondent and weekday afternoon anchor, Dylan Ratigan, joined the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Manhattan as part of his push for campaign finance reform. Later that day, Public Campaign President & CEO Nick Nyhart appeared on Ratigan's show on MSNBC.

The Occupy movement, which has spread well beyond Wall Street to cities and towns all over the country, continues to gain steam. The people participating in these protests understand the major role that big money has played and continues to play in the economic mess we're in, and the prominent media members like Ratigan are showing they get it too. As Nyhart said on the Ratigan show: "we need to get the money out, and put people in." People just like the ones involved in the Occupy movement.

Last week Public Campaign Action Fund issued a statement in support of the Occupy movement, and went further, calling for an "occupied democracy."

From the statement: "In a democracy occupied by everyday people, politicians would consult their constituents and their consciences, not their campaign donors; corporate money wouldn’t dominate elections and public policy debates; politicians would encourage voting, not pass laws to obstruct it."

Ordinary Americans, who are still bearing the brunt of the economic calamity of 2008, didn't cause the problem. But they are now recognizing that getting big money out of politics is a big part of the solution.